Thursday, 4 February 2021

Breakfast Epic

 Breakfast Epic

We are soulfire seasoned with stardust, 

you and I.

Kind kindled from all eternity,

our first quickening arose from the mind of divine love;

wombed from wonder, we were

born into this time, this moment, 

heavy with our own history,

but cocooned in ancient story and song

to inspire our soul and be 

exhalations of the of the Word’s wisdom.

Sun seasoned and moon tided,

we are nourished by starborn elements 

long born from creation’s conflagration.

So we find ourselves connected crossways 

to all that is or was or will be

in the dance of divine love’s unfolding.

Known as sons and daughters

of the kingdom, we now know ourselves 

only as exiles from our own blessed being,

seemingly as false and fleeting as shadows upon the wall, 

yet longing for love’s light to rage so full around us 

that all that is not may be lost in one luminosity of being.

For now we know not even the real earth beneath, or the real sky above,

for we look as yet through sin veiled eyes that weep, 

for feeling in resurrection seeded heart the light that shines 

behind, before and through, and seeks our spirit sight 

to raise us to our thrones.

Ah! All this awaits my knowing, for, 

if only I could truly see the sainted being 

who sits in front of me, 

here at table on this simple morning,

and is a blessed bridge between eternity and time

who sighs and smiles and says in answer 

to the first deep question of this day

“Coffee, please; then porridge.”

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